“ The day of farewell is like every day but it is plagued by melancholy. Like the frosty storm that passes through the pines and almost carries them away. No one can protect oneself from it like from moderate cold. No one knows the day before; it falls in like the darkness on a winter’s day -- unexpectedly. The cold little hand of the past grabs your shoulder to pull you back, and at the same time it pushes you forward to say goodbye to your old being. “


How important is diversity to you?


Work I did during my university years and personal traditional and digital pieces.

Tremendous Beetles

A botanical poster design featuring very big and tremendous beetles from the earth.

Creatures of Myth

Tobusaru, the Jackalope, Merlin and the Goliath.

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Lisa-Theresa Heine (c) 2021 - Brunswick, Germany